martes, 31 de agosto de 2010

What I wore to... Normal Night Out

White jeans by BLANCO (19'95 €)
Navy Blue Shirt by PAUL SMITH (165 €)
Grey scarf by HUGO HUGO BOSS (55 €)
Black leather jacket by BELSTAFF (856 €)
80's style sneakers by JACK&JONES (35 €)

I wear the jacket and the shirt a lot... They are just amazing

What I wore to... PROM

White shirt with blue checked collar by ADOLFO DOMÍNGUEZ (65 €)
Black classic belt by Z Zegna (95 €)
Black pants by Antony Moratto (80 €)
Blue suede loafers by VJC Versace Jeans Couture (175 €)

I love how the shoes bring freshness to the look and how they make it more interesting and colorful.


Hi... Because men can also be into fashion, I offer you men fashion blog. This is a place where you'll find everything you need to look great in any event! I'll give you tips and advices of how to make looks work, and I'll post what I'm wearing and what I love at the moment. I'll review the outfits you send me (men and woman) and I'll answer all your questions! BTW: sorry about my English, I come from Spain so it's not very good! Hahaha... don't forget to write what you think and to keep this blog alive! Thank you so much, MM